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WorldServe moves in Ethiopia

By October 15, 2008

Ethiopia (MNN) — Hundreds of Ethiopians are starving as a result of a large economic crisis. Global food prices have increased over 40 percent, and the scarcity of nutritious meals is continually rising.

WorldServe Ministries is partnering with several Ethiopian churches to do what they can to get people back on their feet again.

This has not proven to be a simple task, however. Many missionaries in Ethiopia have large extended families to provide for, and many pastors house more children than belong to them. In addition, over 1.5 million Ethiopians are infected with HIV, placing an even heavier financial burden on many families.

The Lord has clearly been working despite poor circumstances, though. He has already expanded the missionary count in Ethiopia from two to 542, serving 643 emerging churches. It will remain a challenge for these faithful workers to serve, however, until physical needs are also cared for.

Thankfully, the Lord has allowed WorldServe an opportunity to tend to those needs. WorldServe has created a way for those with plenty to serve suffering believers in Ethiopia. A gift of $80 to WorldServe will support an Ethiopian church worker for a month. This can be a one-time donation, or it can be come regular, as continuous provision.

Regardless of the size of the gift you are able to give, WorldServe assures that "whatever you can contribute will be used to help these workers and their growing Gospel outreaches." To learn more or donate to WorldServe, click here.

Please continue to pray for the encouragement and strength of our hurting brothers and sisters in Ethiopia.

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