WorldServe to provide roofs for churches

By July 22, 2010

Ethiopia (MNN) — Ethiopians are turning away from Islam, orthodoxy, and witchcraft as they watch the Christians around them whose lives are filled with purpose. As a result, churches are popping up everywhere.

"People see the living God in the lives of Christians, and they realize that their faith is empty," explains Ken Leggatt of WorldServe Ministries. "They're looking for hope and purpose, and the Christian missionaries that are working in these countries are sharing the hope in Christ. People are accepting that and coming to know Christ as their Savior."

As new believers continue to be born, small church bodies are coming to life throughout the country. These Christians not only stand as a strong force for the Gospel but also as a challenge to traditional beliefs in witchcraft–a testimony which helps to get Ethiopians asking questions. Unfortunately, these churches seldom have the resources to build a place of worship.

In one instance, a body of believers began to gather under a tree. The small group grew so quickly that there were soon 60 new Christians meeting. The church outgrew the space underneath the tree and decided to build, but they didn't have the funding to pay for a roof. Without a roof, the building was incomplete.

Recognizing needs of churches like this, WorldServe has embarked on a mission to provide roofs for 100 churches throughout Ethiopia. This way, church buildings can be completed, and more lives can be changed for Christ.

"The new building helps the church so that people can come and attend the worship service properly. But more importantly, it helps the people in the community [by providing] a sign of the defeat of the witch doctors and the victory of the Gospel," says Leggatt. "Every day, people are coming to the church and coming to know Christ."

In order to provide for this worthwhile mission, WorldServe has a goal of raising $120,000. One sheet of metal for a roof costs $12, and it takes about 100 sheets to build a full roof. With $120,000 WorldServe could provide roofs for all 100 churches.

The church in Ethiopia is growing; they just need buildings. If you would like to help by sending even $12 for a sheet of metal to help these churches stand in defiance of witchcraft and as a witness for Christ, call WorldServe at 1-800-414-7788. You can also check their Web site for other contact information.


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