Worldwide Christian Schools prepare for second wave of relief in Haiti

By April 30, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Months after Haiti's earthquake, Worldwide Christian Schools is preparing for their second wave of relief.

For over 15 years, they have ministered in Haiti, working in many of the schools. One of their partners, CRECH, has 231 schools in Haiti, and around 200 were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake.

This is where most of their second wave will be focused. Steve Geurink, WWCS' field development director for Central America and the Caribbean, said, "Our goal is to go in there, do an assessment of the schools, and we will begin to rebuild the schools in Haiti."

As they restore these schools, they hope Haitians can again find some normalcy in their lives.

"The teams and our schools will bring hope back to these communities. It's so very important for the children to have their normal part of life available to them. And to look for a success in the future, schooling and education, especially Christian education is so important," Geurink said. Through this Christian influence, WWCS wants ultimately not only to see Haitians lives restored to normalcy, but transformed by the love of Christ.

Geurink expects second wave efforts to stretch across the next five to seven years. He knows prayer is much needed, but that's not all, "It does take work. It takes financial support because this problem is so large, and it takes God's people responding,"

To raise some of the necessary funds, WWCS started the Five Gallon Challenge. Participants collect their spare change, placing it in a five gallon bucket and then sending it to recovering Haitians. Geurink said his church just raised $1800 for Haiti through this and other fundraisers.

Consider putting your spare change to good use. If your church, youth group or other organization is interested in joining the Five Gallon Challenge, click here.

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