Worst flooding in history hits Malawi

By January 22, 2015
(Photo courtesy World Renew)

(Photo courtesy World Renew)

Malawi (MNN) — Imagine that more than one third of your country has been declared a “disaster zone.” How would you respond? Where would you go?

That’s what the people in Malawi are wondering.

Over the past several weeks, Malawi, Mozambique, and Madagascar have been hit by severe flooding, with Malawi being the worst. The southeastern African nations have had buckets of rain in the last few weeks from the Tropical Cyclone Bansi.

On January 13, Malawi got more than six inches of rain in 24 hours. According to BBC News, over 200,000 people are displaced, and more than 170 people have been killed.

CNN cited a statement released by the Malawian Government saying more than 300 people were saved by helicopter and 1,300 more by boat. This is the worst flooding in Malawi’s history, according to the report.

It has not only dismantled lives and homes, but crops as well. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and much of the population works as farmers. Now they are left wondering where their next meal will come from.

CNN cited Doctors without Borders who believe around 20,000 people at the southern tip are cut off from the rest of the country without food nd healthcare.

World Renew is working through church partners in Mozambique and Malawi to give displaced persons the relief they need.

In Malawi, they are reaching out to people in the southern tip by providing water purification supplies, tarps, small household items, and mosquito nets. In Mozambique, World Renew is providing food, seeds, farming tools, and water purification supplies to about 1,000 families. In each country, they show the compassion and love of Jesus while providing services. They share how Christ impacted suffering people and how He is now pushing them to help others in distress.

In the next few days, World Renew workers are going to head to the African countries to work side-by-side with their church partners. They could provide much more to displaced people with a little help. Click here to help World Renew in their efforts.

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