‘Worst flooding in 100 years’ heeds a response

By October 14, 2009

India (MNN) — "This is a major flood for India; some government officials have said it is the worst flooding in 100 years."

The mass flooding in India has so far claimed the lives of over 230 people and has displaced millions. The damage has obviously been detrimental enough to label this flood as the worst in the century. But according to several media sources, relief efforts from the Indian government have been inadequate. The unfortunately deficient response has left many victims of the flooding without even basic needs to survive the aftermath of the large scale natural disaster.

A cry for help has unsurprisingly been let out for others to step in and take care of the victims. India Partners quickly stepped in by providing immediate and longer-term assistance.

"Our partners on the ground are going to provide food and blankets, clean water and medicine for survivors," explains India Partners' Brent Hample.

Beyond these immediate relief needs, India Partners seeks to take care of another major concern: waterborne diseases. With such an enormous amount of standing water flooding the country, waterborne illnesses will inevitably proliferate and may cause a great deal of long-term harm. Hample says India Partners has foreseen this problem and is working to slow down its effects.

"Our partners are going to be providing medicines for waterborne diseases. They'll be providing clean water and helping evacuate people out of the areas where waterborne diseases are going to be starting."

Within this tragedy, the Lord is still at work. India Partners is seeing the catastrophe as an opportunity to serve and spread the Gospel by using the church as a conduit for relief.

"The relief efforts are done through the local church in India and through Christian agencies. So, as they are providing the relief, they are doing it in the name of Christ and with the prayers of the church," says Hample.

In the meantime, large-scale relief is not cheap. India Partners has a goal of raising $100,000 in order to fund their efforts. So far over $55,000 has come in.

"If people would like to respond, we ask that they pray first and give second," says Hample. If the Lord so leads you to give and help those suffering in India, click here to donate online and to learn about a number of other ways to give.

Pray that the Lord would use India Partners to reach many people for Christ in this difficult season and in the aftermath that will inevitably follow.

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