Worst flooding in years hits Mexico

By November 6, 2007

Mexico (MNN) — Intense, heavy rains in Mexico have caused massive flooding across the country's southern Chiapas and Tabasco states. Millions have been affected. Christians are reaching out to the flood victims in Jesus' name as the flood waters remain high.

World Vision's communication specialist David Munoz is in Villahermosa, Mexico — Tabasco's capital city. "This is actually the worst natural disaster that our country has suffered within the last 15 or 20 years. It's also affected the state of Chiapas."

According Munoz, the devastation has been widespread. "(In) Chiapas, there are 250,000 people who have lost their homes. But here in the state of Tabasco, there are 1 million people that have been affected. I have seen people living on the main roads. I have seen people who are living on the roofs of their houses."

Munoz says there are many desperate people, and water isn't the only concern. "This flooding has brought snakes into the water and crocodiles, so people are scared. People are desperate." There's also a major concern about water-borne diseases — dengue fever, cholera, and mosquito-borne diseases."

While the flooding is widespread, Munoz says none of their sponsored children have been affected. However, more than 20,000 children have been affected in the disaster zone.

Munoz says as a Christian organization they're providing the emergency relief supplies that are needed, but they're also setting up child-friendly space inside the shelters "so that the children can be not only in the shelter, but have a place where they can have other activities. We can tell them stories about how Jesus has been with them in this difficult situation. And I guess this is something everyone can do. Will you all keep us in your prayers?"

Experts say it'll take weeks for the water to recede. Munoz says funding is needed to help with this emergency relief effort. "The recovery is going to time. We're not going to be here just today or tomorrow, we're going to be here a month or as long as it takes. So, we need all your donations."

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