Wristbands help spread the Gospel

By February 25, 2008

USA (MNN) — Wristbands. You've seen them. They come in various colors. Some support cancer victims. Others have important messages, while others just have fun messages. However, Every Orphan's Hope is providing a cool wristband with a life saving message.

They're called the Good News Wristbands, and this is a modern way to wear and share the good news of Jesus Christ. It catches attention, initiates conversations, and provides wearers the confidence and ability to comfortably spread the Gospel.

Based on the simple and time tested five-color concept and rooted in Scripture, the Good News Wristband is an evangelism tool that is positioned to bring attention to the most important cause of all: eternal salvation through Jesus Christ!

The GoodNewsWristbandTM is great for Vacation Bible School, Youth Groups, Adult Church Congregations, Mission Trips, Community Outreach, and Relationship Evangelism. Each pack of five wristbands comes with five corresponding information cards that tell the story of the colors of the wristband.

Every Orphan's Hope recommends wearing one band and giving four away to make a positive impact on the world around you. All of the proceeds from the Good News Wristbands will fund the works of Every Orphan's Hope, a Christian ministry dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with orphaned children in Africa.

Order five packs of the wristbands for each family member in your home or packs of 100 for your congregation. Click here to get connected.

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