The written Word is scarce in one nation

By January 7, 2015
(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

Western Hemisphere (VBB) — A Vision Beyond Borders team recently traveled to an unnamed country. Here are some highlights from their visit.

One team member said, “What an amazing time in this [unnamed] country. Our contacts are amazing. We got to meet so many pastors we support, and all I can say is ‘What sacrifice!’ They are not allowed to have church buildings that were not already there years ago, so people convert their homes into churches. The people live out of a small little room with their family and expand the living room and other rooms for their church. What an amazing sacrifice! They have very little, but they are willing to do whatever it takes to evangelize the country.

“We brought supplies for the pastors, their families, and the church. They were so encouraged, as were we, when they would sit down with us and share their stories.

“Witchcraft is prevalent, and some pastors were involved in that until Jesus got a hold of them and saved them. They all are planting churches, raising up leaders, and doing whatever it takes. Many of these church “houses” were shut down by the government, and every member continues in cell groups. Some churches have begun to meet again without government permission.

“These churches are family, and small groups is where a lot of discipleship is happening. The obvious focus is discipleship and winning the nation for Christ. God is working in miraculous ways for them because the written Word is scarce.

“In one church a few months back, they had a service asking for a harvest of Bibles. The pastor asked if all who had Bibles would hold them in the air as a seed for a big harvest this year. A few Bibles were held up, but also some pages torn from the Bibles that members take and memorize each week.

“Little did VBB know that we are part of the answer to their prayer for next year. Consider joining one of our 4 teams in 2015. It will change your life, and the Word of God will change theirs as well.”

Another team member told VBB, “We praise God for all of you who helped send supplies, purchased study Bibles for the pastors, gave underwear, and so much more. Most all the pastors we visited were in tears as we prayed over them, gave a new study Bible, a new watch to them and their family members, and supplies.”

The final team member who spoke to VBB said, “Seeing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the pastors was amazing. They have such a passion to reach their country for Christ. To see people give up everything to share their faith and reach people empowered us as we prayed with the pastors. I was humbled by their service, knowing they have very little and yet I have much and have not used it to reach people for Christ. God is growing the church through the faithfulness of His people. Praise God for their faith and testimony!”

Pray for the Christians in this country we can’t name to continue their evangelism without any conflict.

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