WWCS provides HOPE for AIDS orphans

By November 10, 2009

Kenya (MNN) — Around 2 million people in Kenya have
HIV/AIDS; statistics estimate 1.4 million kids were orphaned by the disease. No
African classroom remains untouched by the effects of HIV/AIDS. That's why
Worldwide Christian Schools partnered with the Reformed Church of East Africa
(RCEA) to create a curriculum tailored to preventing the spread of AIDS in
young students.  

Titled "HOPE for Today's Generation," the
curriculum was developed by African teachers from a Christian perspective.

"Human stewardship of life is the focus [of] the
curriculum," says Rev. Geoffrey Kiptanui Songok, RCEA's Moderator.
"Relationships and good health are at the center of it all."

The new curriculum will be a major component of RCEA's
efforts to raise HIV/AIDS awareness in Kenyan communities. These efforts also
include training community volunteers, counselors and church leaders;
volunteers were involved in creating the HOPE curriculum. Sensitizing
the community to the taboo topic of HIV/AIDS has been a primary focus of RCEA's

One section of the new curriculum focuses on teaching
students about contracting HIV/AIDS and how to care for victims of the disease.
HOPE for Today's Generation centers on helping kids make God-honoring choices
that allow them to fulfill their dreams and potential.

Now that the material has been completed and field-tested,
funding is needed for the next steps. In some cases, the curriculum must be
translated into French. Support is also needed for promotion and distribution to
African schools and teachers, starting with Kenya.

Pray for the millions of children in Africa who've been
orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Pray that they would find hope in Christ
through this new curriculum.

You can support the HOPE for Today's Generation curriculum
by clicking here.

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