WWCS wants you to build a school this spring, summer or fall

By February 24, 2011

Africa (MNN) — More opportunity often comes in the form of better education.

But how is better education possible without better schools?

This is where you come in. Worldwide Christian Schools is sending teams, beginning now until the end of the year, to help build and repair Christian schools across Africa.

Teams of high school kids, college students, adults or families are all welcome. Go with a set WWCS trip, or go at a time that works better for your group. As long as you're ready to serve God and are over 16 (unless a parent accompanying you), you qualify.

The need is significant. WWCS has Christian schools across Africa, but there is a particular need for help in Zambia and Uganda for at least three different schools. The addition of classrooms will be key in these projects, and volunteers will learn to use the resources available: adobe and mortar.

Don't be intimidated by the work if you don't have construction experience. WWCS takes highly-trained nationals and matches them up with short-term volunteers who may not have experience. That way, the project is always effective.

Why go on one of these trips? It's a lot more than labor and service. Steve Geurink with WWCS says, "These trips are the hands and the feet of Christ to people around the world. I think that these teams bring together the relationship of brothers and sisters of Christ between different cultures."

Volunteers are helping to create Christian schools in which many students will get a quality education and learn early in life about the love of Christ. Participants should have no doubt they have made an impact for the kingdom. Some recent trip goers say that more than anything, they felt the impact themselves.

"Not only did they accomplish what was needed in the country to help the nationals with the development of a school," says Geurink, "but the review was overwhelmingly positive, saying it was worth the trip; they were spiritually challenged; they have a new insight not only into how blessed they are here, but also how Christians and people live in other countries."

If you want to make change as well as be changed, this could be the opportunity for you. To learn more about ways to get a group involved, click here. For even more information, contact Geurink directly at (800) 886-9000 or at [email protected].

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