Wycliffe Associates creates safe haven for persecuted Christians

By June 7, 2021

International (MNN) — Bible translators face persecution and abuse for their faith in many countries. That’s why Wycliffe Associates is establishing a safe haven for them. Tim Neu says, “They’re places where folks who are being persecuted for their faith are able to go and spend time together, worship together, receive teaching and instruction in God’s word together, and just [receive] general encouragement. You and I enjoy these things every day, with believers here.”

The safe haven is located in a rural area of a country friendlier to Christians. But this country borders more hostile countries, and ones that need Bible translation work. Neu can’t specify the countries for security reasons.

The strength of these Christians

Neu talks about the strength of the Church in these regions. “These folks are very strong in their faith. They have a different level of understanding and commitment to Jesus’s commandments: love God, and love others. I mean, these guys are literally sacrificing as Christ sacrificially gave of Himself to make it possible for all of us to have saving faith and be a part of His family. These guys are experiencing the power of God’s word and in ways like Peter and the other apostles did.”

These believers risk imprisonment and torture for the sake of Jesus. Ask God to strengthen them and turn the hearts of their oppressors away from violence.



(Header photo courtesy of Couleur from Pixabay)