Wycliffe Associates hires new interim president

By October 30, 2020

USA (MNN) — Wycliffe Associates has announced that Dr. Tim Neu has been selected as Interim President and CEO of its global Bible translation efforts. Neu has worked with Wycliffe Associates for the last 12 years.

The Holy Spirit called Neu into ministry while he was in high school, but health issues kept his family from traveling overseas as they had planned. Neu says, “In the last 12 years with Wycliffe associates, I’ve been able to get reengaged, if you will, in the Bible translation efforts. And throughout the various experiences here at Wycliffe Associates, I’ve been able to travel, participate with church leaders abroad, and help them in their Bible translation efforts.”

Christians have passed down Scripture for thousands of years, and Neu has a passion for helping people hear those words proclaimed in their own languages. “They’re needing that opportunity to hear God speak His word in their heart language, that they can have its fullness.”

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Bible translation in a pandemic

Neu’s appointment comes at a difficult time when a relentless pandemic is keeping much of the world in various stages of lockdown.

Neu recalls Paul sitting in Athens and wishing he was back in Thessalonica working with the young local church. He says the Wycliffe Associates translation teams feel much the same way right now.

But “even in our absence, we have seen this whole church-owned Bible translation movement be exactly what it is described as: church-owned. The work is continuing even in our absence.”

During this unique time, pray God will give Neu and Wycliffe Associates strength and wisdom. Pray they will have the people and resources to continue translating the Bible into the heart languages of people around the world.



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