Wycliffe Associates provides oral translations of the Bible to cultures without written language

By July 20, 2020

International (MNN) — Thousands of languages around the world have no writing system. Wycliffe Associates uses technology to provide oral translations of the Gospel around the world.

“We’ve created tools that enable us to start the Bible translation process exactly where they are instead of requiring them to come to a different place or training them in orthography and handwriting, and all those kinds of things that we’re used to in languages that have a written system,” Bruce Smith, President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates, says.

Photo Courtesy of Wycliffe Associates

Their Bible Translation Recording Kits (BTRKs), which consists of a tablet, translation and recording software, and a microphone, provide the tools translators need to get the Gospel to those without a written language or who cannot read.

“This can be such an incredible breakthrough for entire people groups who have never heard God’s Word in their heart language,” Smith says. “They’ve spent all of history in spiritual darkness—yet now they can step into the light of God’s love.”

Translators are able to use these tools to “use the skills, the experience, and the knowledge that they have, that God has put in them, and leverage all of those for the translation process,” he continues.

Many people groups rely on storytellers to pass down their histories and traditions, and the BTRKs and oral translations allow the Gospel to be immersed in their cultures. “To have Christian truths, Christian culture, become part of their communities oral culture is extremely valuable to them in the same way that we value that history and culture in writing within our literate societies,” he says.

So how can you get involved? “We are still looking for people to be a part of the team, part of the prayer team, part of the stewardship team, that are helping people to have God’s word, everyday, every month, Smith says.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, work has still be done towards getting Bible translations to those who have not had access to Scripture. Smith says, “It’s a reflection of how high of a priority it is for people around the world to have access to Scripture for the first time. So this is just a great opportunity for people to engage and be a part of that team that’s seeing God’s word reach every tribe, every tongue, and every nation during our lifetime.”

Wycliffe Associates has received 479 requests for BTRKs and need donations for those orders to be filled. The cost of a single kit is $500, and they are hoping to raise $239,500. More information can be found at www.wycliffeassociates.org.


Header Photo courtesy of Wycliffe Associates

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