Wycliffe celebrates as all Bible translations reach completion

By October 31, 2008

International (MNN) — A 2000-year effort seems finally to be coming to an end as Wycliffe Bible Translators approaches its goal of translating the Bible into the heart language of every man.

Although Wycliffe has been serving since 1942, the translation process has been ongoing since the times of the Early Church. Due to developments in technology and God's call to several people worldwide to bring His Word to every tribe, tongue and nation, Bible translation through organizations like Wycliffe has accelerated far beyond where it has ever been before.

Wycliffe's mission is "to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by the year 2025."

"It is our intentional investment of ourselves and our work and the acceleration of the pace of Bible translation," says Wycliffe's Ruth Hubbard. "We're working to increase awareness and to mobilize resources for Bible translation movements worldwide, believing that we can see the translation work of Scripture in those last languages in this generation."

In order for Wycliffe to reach what they believe to be God's will, multiple strategies need to be implemented. For one, Wycliffe hopes to mobilize thousands of people for short-term and long-term missions as God calls them. They are also aware that this last "sprint to the end" will cost billions of dollars and will, most importantly, necessitate a great deal of prayer.

In prayer, we ought to first praise God for all he has done. Wycliffe is holding a celebration ceremony on November 22 in order to "celebrate what God has accomplished [and] to celebrate the promises that God has made," says Hubbard. She continuously reminds us of the great things God has done in this ministry thus far, and to keep praying that He would glorify Himself through Bible translation.

On a need-based level, ask God to continue to call people to this field and bring in the funding to support it. "In essence, we are asking God to act according to His character," says Hubbard.

The various outcomes that will result from making the Word of God available to every person in his or her true heart language are simply immeasurable. Wycliffe has much to celebrate, as do the rest of us for this incredible step forward in the faith. To celebrate with Wycliffe, please join them in prayer and lift up the Lord for his faithfulness.

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