Wycliffe introduces ‘Twenty’ curriculum

By July 26, 2010

International (MNN) — No person is ever too young to pray. Now, even children have the opportunity to pray big with the help of a new curriculum.

Maintaining the Ecclesiastes 4:12 belief that "a triple-braided cord is not easily broken," Wycliffe Bible Translators embarked on ‘The Twenty' initiative. The Twenty asked one church for each of the 20 countries most in need of Bible translation to dedicate itself to praying for that country. Each of those churches is supposed to find two other churches with whom to unite in prayer. With three churches in place for all 20 countries, there should potentially be a total of 60 U.S. churches praying for worldwide Bible translation.

As churches grow and change through this prayer initiative, however, should children really be left in the dark? Wycliffe doesn't think so. The ministry began a special initiative to get children involved.

"Our goal is to start children in a life-long involvement in Bible translation and prayer, thinking about the world at large instead of just themselves. So it's a very 'others-focused' initiative," explains one of the curriculum writers, Dorothea Lander.

Wycliffe has created interactive curriculum for the children of the 60 churches to learn about all 20 countries and to get involved through serious prayer.

"The lessons are wonderful," says Lander. "They have maps, they have information on each of the 20 countries, posters, and games. Children learn about the 20 countries, and then they have lots of fun opportunities to pray because we believe that God answers children's prayers just like He answers adults' prayers."

Most of the 20 needy countries they'll be praying for are in the areas of Central Africa and Nigeria, mainland and Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. There are still over 2,000 languages without translations of the Bible, leaving thousands of people groups without the Word in their heart language. Children will have the opportunity to pray for these groups.

Although the curriculum is not offered online as is other Wycliffe curriculum, it is available for free upon request. This could be an incredibly useful tool for homeschools, Christian schools, Vacation Bible Schools or Sunday schools. Wycliffe already has had a request from Singapore for the curriculum.

Wycliffe has set a goal to have translations of the Bible underway in all of these languages by the year 2025, but in order to make that goal and to begin spreading the Gospel to all peoples in their heart language, believers of all ages will have to engage in fervent prayer. Imagine the encouragement for children who begin praying now for a country and watch the progress made in Bible translation there as they grow up over the next 15 years.

If you would like to request this curriculum and get the kids in your life committed to prayer today, call 1-800-WYCLIFFE, or click here for other contact information. Churches are also still needed for The Twenty initiative. If your church is interested, learn more here.


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