Wycliffe making progress on Scripture translations

By November 19, 2013
(Photo courtesy Wycliffe Bible Translators)

(Photo courtesy Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — The Body of Christ can do amazing things when the end goal for every member is the same.

For Wycliffe Bible Translators, this fact has been proven again and again. In Papua New Guinea, many villages have received the Gospel with joy. The demand for Scripture in the languages there has increased, and so have certain needs.

Wycliffe hopes that their promotion of a matching gift opportunity will help them raise money for a facility that would allow their teams to gather and work on these translations together. They hope that the facility will also make it possible to train Papua New Guineans as translators. By increasing translators, the rate at which translations reach new people will rise.

In 1998, the Arop village of Papua New Guinea was struck by a violent tsunami. More than one-third of the population was killed. Many had never heard the Gospel.

For Pastor Peter, one of four men working in the village, this increased the urgency to reach out to the people of Papua New Guinea. The demand for translated Scriptures rose very quickly, and there are now eleven languages in that area that are being addressed.

Right now, you can help reach people who would otherwise never know the truth about our wonderful God. You can assist in enabling people to hear the Gospel in their own language. Pray for this matching gift fund-raiser this month, and that many would be called to give.

If you feel led to make a gift, click here.

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