Years of atheism fall to a Christian worldview in the Czech Republic.

By May 12, 2004

Czech Republic (MNN)–Czechoslovakia was formed as an independent country in 1918. A communist coup in 1948 led to Stalinist repression until 1968.

The Dubcek government’s attempts at liberalisation provoked the USSR invasion in 1968. Communist repression, infiltration and manipulation of churches and leadership was particularly severe and effective.

Peaceful protests brought about the collapse of communism in 1989. In 1993, the country divided into two Republics (Czech and Slovak).

Since 1990, there has been complete religious freedom in the Czech Republic. However, years of atheism and Communist regime have taken their toll.

Skyrocketing alcohol and drug abuse, along with a lack of moral guidance forced the government to turn to Christians for help.

IN Network’s Rody Rodeheaver explains what prompted the move. “They are seeing a population of young people somewhat out of control. There’s a real desire on the part of the school system to try to do something about it. But, they’re really not quite sure how to teach ethics because that was never a part of their teacher training.”

Rodeheaver says their ministry grows from the curriculum. “They’re allowed by the school to speak from a platform of Christian values. Now, they can’t directly share the Gospel obviously, but the exciting thing is once you lay some of these values out there and allow young people to ask questions, it doesn’t take them long to get to the spiritual base of these values.”

The main ministry of IN-Czech Republic is the project called “Youth Outreach”, carried out in the form of lectures for students between the ages of 14 and 18.

To take advantage of the open door in schools, the number of workers will be increased to nine, expanding the effective means of sharing the gospel with young people.

Also in the works are plans to use a Christian video aimed directly at this age group, which will be useful for youth ministry. From there, team members help the young people find their way into para-church organizations and vibrant church bodies.

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