Years of hurricane relief is opening doors for outreach in Honduras

By May 19, 2005

Honduras (MNN) — It’s been nearly seven years since Hurricane Mitch slammed into Honduras killing seven thousand. The country was decimated. International Aid went into action helping with basic immediate needs, which quickly evolved into long-term assistance.

Their more than six year track record is now giving them more ministry opportunities. I-A’s President Myles Fish. “We were offered an opportunity that has given us access to 27 very rural and very poor villages where the government has asked us to implement a community-based health care project in each of those 27 villages.”

What’s even more exciting, says Fish, is that each project is locally owned. “What we’ve been able to do is to go into each of those villages and identify the leadership of those villages and help them to define their own vision for their village in what needs to be done to improve health care.”

But, this isn’t only about helping with their health needs. It’s about helping with their spiritual needs and Fish says that’s why they’re working with the church. “We’ve been able to recruit different church groups and businesses and so forth that have gone down to respond to these villages. Our responding to the physical needs enables us to build the kind of relationship that’s important so that we can articulate who Jesus is and what our faith means to us.” 80 people from churches in the U-S went down to help during spring break.

International Aid is asking you to pray that they would stay focused on Great Commission work, while they help physically.

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