Yemeni Christians arrested, safety feared

By July 3, 2008

Yemen (MNN) — Seven Christians have been arrested in Yemen, and their future is uncertain.

Darara Gubo is International Christian Concern's regional manager for Africa. He says, "According to our source, they are Christians who converted from Islam. According to Islam, it's a crime to convert from Islam to other religions, including Christianity. These Christians face torture and other kinds of mistreatment."

According to Islamic law, these men can even be killed.

Their crime? Gubo says, "The authorities allege the arrested Christians, in their own words, were promoting Christianity. And one of the things they said wasthat they were distributing Bibles to non-Christians."

Christians living in Muslim countries are coming under increasing persecution. Christians in Iran, Egypt and Algeria have seen a spike in anti-Christian activity.

Gubo says Christians can help. "The best thing to do is to pray that they will not face torture and other types of mistreatment. And also please pray for strength and courage for the seven as they go through this difficult situation, and pray that they'll be released quickly."

Also pray that God would use this situation to open the eye of those holding them to the Gospel.

According to Gubo, quiet diplomacy is taking place. It was initially reported to ICC that some of the seven were Americans. That has since proven false.

ICC continues to speak out for persecuted Christians around the world. Click here to help them.

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