You can help double the amount of souls who hear about Jesus

By February 19, 2013

India (MNN) — Even in the face of persecution, the Gospel is going straight into people's homes and hearts.


"I came to know Christ through radio, so I knew the strength and power," says Dr. Narayan, a missionary pastor supported by Gospel for Asia.

"I did not receive Christ because somebody was speaking Scripture but [because] someone was relating the Scripture to my life," he adds. "A person who [has] never seen a church, a person who never knows about Jesus, a person who doesn't know anything: what is there if you don't relate the Scripture and make it practical for our life?"

Moved by the power of radio to influence millions of hearts, Narayan began a radio program in 1985. It's currently on over 30 stations in Asia.

The size of this impact is significant, considering that language changes every 30 kilometers in northern India.

"It works to change people's lives, change their ideas, change their thinking. Radio is very important," says Narayan. "Jesus says, 'If you don't speak, I'll make the stones to speak.' Radio is made by silicone, and silicone is made by sand, and sand is made by stone. So, ultimately, what Jesus prophesied is being fulfilled now through radio."

Programming aired on the station addresses common societal issues such as alcoholism, suicide, and depression. Program hosts then introduce encouraging words and advice from Scripture and point to Jesus as the answer for all of life's problems.

"The Scripture is applied in today's condition. That makes Gospel more effective," says Narayan.

"We just bring the Gospel in simplified ways so people can understand in their own language.

"Our programs take social issues and things that are related to our lives, and…[when] we come to the end of the program, I usually say, 'This is your life…don't miss that opportunity for choosing the best thing for your life.'"

Individual decisions are highly influenced by community including friends, family, extended family, etc.

"Nobody will tell you to receive Christ…. [People] have to realize their need of sinfulness, and they have to realize in their life how empty they are. Unless they realize that, they cannot also make a choice," Narayan explains.

"I give the offer at the end [so] that they can choose Christ to make their life filled and blessed."

You can help radio programming grow to reach 200 translated languages in 2013 by clicking here.

"Radio ministry, or radio work, is not dead. It is still alive, and it still works, and people's lives are being changed. I think it is very exciting," says Narayan. He also thanks MNN listeners for their support and prayers.

"Don't stop that because if you stop that, we will suffer and God's work will suffer," he states. "Join with us [in] much bigger ways so that we can explore much more that we can do."

Pray that the Word of God would continue reaching millions of hearts through this radio program. Pray that millions would come to know Christ's love.

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