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By February 11, 2013

International (MNN) — One thing college students all have in common is their anticipation for the summer. In three months the sun will be out, windows will be unrolled, and students will be out of school for the summer.

While many see summer as a time to hang out with friends, make some extra money, and go swimming, some young adults are using their time to do more.

Buckner International is giving young adults the opportunity to share the love of God with people around the world as well as go on an adventure. Project Go! is a program that allows volunteers to spend time working with orphans and vulnerable children who are receiving care, food, and education assistance from Buckner.

They are looking for all kinds of volunteers to teach English classes, put on Vacation Bible Schools, help with construction projects, and participate in manual labor. Buckner says volunteers should "expect the unexpected."

A group that went to Kenya in 2012 said, "Even with the hectic airport encounters, golf caddies, and dirt roads, the experience we had in Kenya was beyond perfect. God was with us every single step of the way, and we could feel Him there!"

Another Blog entry from Kenya 2012 said, "This week has been crazy! Getting used to the African lifestyle, sights, sounds, smells. The country is a beautiful place! We were lucky enough to see some elephants and giraffes as well as some local cultural homes and dances. The culture comes to life when you get the opportunity to be immersed in it."

If you do not have plans this summer and want your life to change dramatically, Buckner is still accepting applications for Project Go! until March 1. You can choose to serve on the Texas/Mexico border, in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Peru, Africa, or Russia.

If you are not able to go, you can still help Buckner and Project Go! by praying. Pray for the children that the teams will meet. Ask God to prepare hearts for what they are going to hear. Also pray that the teams will be flexible and have a humble spirit.

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