You don’t have to be a translator to work in Bible translation

By October 11, 2013

Indonesia (MNN) — Are you good with computers? If so, you're needed in Indonesia!

There are over 700 language groups in this Oceanic nation. Wycliffe Bible Translators USA needs IT professionals to help their work among three language cluster* groups: the Baserana, Kalbar, and Kuri Pasai.

Technology has greatly increased the speed of Bible translation, thereby quickening the Great Commission's pace. But when technology breaks down, translators are stuck! That's where IT pros come in.

Programmers, database specialists, network administrators, web developers, IT managers, and others who provide and operate technology devices are critical to the work of Bible translation.

One of Wycliffe's openings in Indonesia calls for a multi-skilled computer specialist to support and train computer users. Responsibilities include supporting software, testing and repairing equipment, and installing new components. Click here for a full job description.

Having a modern translation of God's Word in their mother tongue allows believers to grow in their faith. It also serves as an evangelism tool for those who don't already have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pray that IT professionals will respond to the need in Indonesia. Pray for their talents to help the Gospel reach lost nations more quickly.

IT professionals are one of Wycliffe's biggest opportunities to use career skills in Gospel work. There are more than 200 personnel needs worldwide; click here to learn more.

*A language cluster refers to languages that may be linguistically related, and/or from similar geographic regions or cultural backgrounds.

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