Young generations quit following the leader

By January 20, 2016

China (MNN) — The Chinese government, which hasn’t actually banned religion, is atheist itself. This has resulted in an entire generation literally following the leader and ignoring Christ.

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China via Facebook)

Yet, Bibles for China has noted a pattern over the last few years. Young people have started abandoning the atheistic beliefs of their parents and grandparents. Now they are craving and seeking the Word of God.

“There are people in China that are having [a] revelation that something happened,” explains Wendell Rovenstine of Bibles for China. “The spirit touched them, and until we go and share God’s Word…they really don’t know what’s taking place.”

But, this year is a turning point.

Bibles for China has been asked a number of times if they could hold a leadership-training course. With the 40-million-and-counting documented Christians in China, overseers of churches are becoming overwhelmed. Instead of watching over a maximum of 10 churches, they’re becoming overseers for more than 500.

They’ve become exhausted and don’t know how to be leaders for so many people.

With many requests from churches, Bibles For China believes now is the opportune time to start up leadership-training courses so new leaders can step up to the plate and steer people in the right direction to give a better understanding of what Scripture means.

The ministry’s main objective is to come alongside local documented churches and hand out Bibles. This year they will be dedicating an entire day after distribution to go through a John Maxwell leadership book with potential church leaders. They’re calling it a Day of Encouragement.

“There is a real need to be an encouragement to them and give them basic information that can help them,” says Rovenstine. “We’re spending a day after our distributions to be encouragers to those so that the body of Christ, as it is expanding exponentially, has that opportunity to be able to be encouraged by those of us that are there to visit with them.”

Rovenstine says he’s seen God opening up young people’s hearts to leadership, which will hopefully be guiding the next generation to Christianity. Bibles for China wants to show them how to grasp and utilize it to benefit the community and country for the great commission.

They have several upcoming trips; the first won’t be until after Easter, which gives you the perfect amount of time to pray and consider whether it’s right for you. Bibles for China will be keeping their website and Facebook updated for prayer requests and ways you can help minister, whether that’s in the field or at home.

Also, be praying for success with the leadership training.

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