Young man finds God in a broken arm

By April 17, 2008

Mexico (MNN) — For Toribio, a young man from Tarahumara, life became uncertain and scary after a bad fall from a horse in September 2007. 

Up until that point, Toribio thought he had life in order and was content. 

The day he fell off the horse, Toribio had been drinking heavily. The fall shattered his arm, but
he waited to have doctors look at it. By the time they did, it seemed that there was little that could be done. It was in such bad shape, the doctors thought it might have to be amputated. 

After several unsuccessful operations, Toribio's once-content life became one of fear for his future.

After a few months passed, Toribio heard about New Tribes Mission missionaries in the area who were connected to a hospital. Those missionaries, Tim and Janet Roberts, spoke with Toribio, and Tim accompanied him to the hospital for the first time. As they talked about why the injury had to happen, Toribio said that he was being punished for his sins. Tim realized that Torbio was hurting more than just physically. 

After that trip to the hospital, Toribio began attending foundational Bible classes whenever he could. He and Tim have talked about how God has used his injury as a way of making him ready to hear His Word. 

According to Tim, Toribio is being drawn by the Spirit and seems to be close to placing his faith in Christ.  It was only possible because of the loving care that the missionaries were able to
give through the mission hospital. Pray that these ministries will continue to boldly proclaim and live out Christ's love and that Toribio would soon come to faith in Christ. 

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