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By July 27, 2015
One of the youth groups of "Choose Life"

One of the youth groups of “Choose Life.”

Ukraine (MNN) — While the Russia/Ukraine war is creating uncertainty in the region, it’s also emphasising the need for youth initiated outreach. Over the past 11 years in Ukraine and Russia, youth have been involved in the mission “Choose Life.” Young people go into the streets and parks throughout the region with the Word of God in their hands and preach the gospel. They do that by being a testimony and through special activities for children, youth and adults.

A variety of methods of evangelism are being used to bring the message of salvation to all who do not know Christ yet.

The war has made “Choose Life” even more of a priority. The number of people who need hope for tomorrow, the presence of God’s caring hand in their lives, is increasing.

“Choose Life is a beautiful Christian project,” says one of the participants in this project, a resident of Zaporozhye, Ivan Shostov, tells Mission Network News. “It is a ministry of Youth for children, young people, adults. But first of all, this project helps you to become stronger spiritually. It’s so important to talk to Christians, to be around them for a long time. Lots of people take part in this project from different cities and countries and side-by-side come together with the message of salvation to all people.”

Shostov tells us, “My first year with the project was in Zaporozhye, the place where I live. The team was very friendly. We talked a lot, laughed, talked with the children about God, played with them. Every evening we went to different parks and sang Christian songs there. It was very cool to feel the touch of the Holy Spirit inside of all of us.”

He continues, “My second year was out of my city. I was in the village Konishchev, Vinnytsia region. The village is not big, and there are not many children and young people. But we’ve just got to make friends with them. Every day we talked with them a lot, sang songs, and did lot of other things. That was blessed time just to talk to people about God and the salvation in Him.

“I’m glad that we can give a hope to people and we can help them in this really difficult time.”

"Choose Life" gives smiles

“Choose Life” gives smiles to everyone

This project provides an opportunity to learn and delve deeper into the study of the Word of God and of the Lord, not only for those who hear the gospel, but also for those who preach.

In these difficult times, the people of Ukraine and Russia especially need God. Pray for the people of Russia and Ukraine. Particularly pray for the leaders of “Choose Life” that they can proclaim the Gospel clearly. Also for those who will hear it. Pray their hearts will be prepared by the Holy Spirit and find boldness to accept God’s plan of salvation.

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