Young people in China looking for more

By January 31, 2024
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China (MNN) — China’s Gen Zers are facing limited career opportunities and looking for more. The most recent statistics released by the Chinese government in 2023 said urban unemployment rates of 16- to 24-year-olds were at 21 percent.

“There are young people all around the world that are asking a lot of questions — questioning how they’ve been raised, what they’ve been told, and what should be significant to them. That’s happening in China,” says Kurt Rovenstine with Bibles for China.

“One of the Communist Party’s greatest challenge to retention of power is the economic conditions in China. A lot of the Chinese are struggling and wondering if the direction the country is going is the direction it ought to go.”

In terms of the Church, Rovenstine believes the opportunity to share the gospel is wide open in the Chinese culture. “When people are confused, when the dream that they had or the dream that somebody had for them falls apart, they’re very open to what is true on a deeper level.”

(Photo courtesy Bibles For China)

Bibles for China has distributed physical copies of Scripture in rural China since 2011. Today they are looking at additional approaches to bring God’s Word to China, such as “audio Bibles, SD cards, trying to focus a little more on the diaspora,” says Rovenstine.

“I love giving a Bible to a [believer] in rural China. But I’m also motivated and excited to be able to hand a Bible to someone who’s never had one before and is asking questions about what is what is truth, and what is what is real and what is eternal.”

Pray for Bibles for China as they seek to be open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit to find places to reach the next generation of Chinese, many of whom are disillusioned and need the truth of God’s Word. Click here to learn more about their ministry.

“In terms of invitations and opportunities, many of the people that have worked in China in the past are saying the door seems to be swinging to the open side for those who choose to work as we do, openly and legally, within China,” says Rovenstine.

Find your place in the story by praying for Chinese church leaders to have wisdom and courage to do what God leads them to do. Ask God to move powerfully among young people and call them to purposeful, joyful life in Christ.

Finally, as a believer in Jesus, take this story to your home street.

Disillusionment is not just a Chinese problem, so embrace the Word of God, love your neighbor, share truth with them,” says Rovenstine.



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