Your help needed to support a pastor in the Gaza Strip’s only evangelical church

By March 22, 2013

Israel (MNN) — After playing both sides of the Israeli-Palestine conflict this week, U.S. President Barack Obama heads to Jordan today.

Obama arrived in Israel on Wednesday for a three-day tour of the Middle East. He encouraged Israeli and Palestinian leaders to re-engage in peace negotiations stalled since 2010, and affirmed both alliance with Israel and support of Palestinian independence.

He avoided the controversial Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip altogether, a place where Gaza Baptist Church shines the Light of Christ boldly.

"Many Muslims have seen Muslim fighting Muslim, and they have a lot of questions. It's a great opportunity," says a spokesman for Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous ministries. "This is a great time for reaching people in the Middle East with the Gospel."

Gaza Baptist Church is the only evangelical church in the Gaza Strip.

"It's really good to have a Christian presence there where people can go to…when they want to find out what the Gospel is," the spokesman says.

Along with weekly services, the church has children's Sunday school classes and a new youth group. There are also programs to feed the hungry, support the poor, and heal the sick. A retired physician currently heads up the church's volunteer-run medical clinic.

For the past several years, Gaza Baptist Church has depended on church elders and members to operate in the absence of a full-time pastor. Because Rev. Hanna Massad, the church's former pastor, wasn't able to obtain a visa to live in Gaza with his wife, visiting preachers speak at the church when available.

You can help Gaza Baptist Church bring Pastor Massad on full-time.

"The Christians in Gaza do not have a lot of resources, and it's very, very helpful if they can have support for their pastor," the spokesman explains.

The church is looking to support Pastor Massad with a furnished apartment on the church property and is seeking to pay him $800 a month. Click here to help support Pastor Massad through CAM.

Pray that hearts would be open to hearing about Jesus Christ.

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