Your milestone celebrations could include an exciting element

By May 20, 2011

International (MNN) — Birthdays, anniversaries and showers are joyous times for friends and families to gather in love and gift-giving. But for those who live on less than a dollar each day, celebrating with gifts–or even hope–is impossible. Their milestones are no less significant, but even daily life is a struggle.

Bright Hope International has developed a way to bridge the gap between the abundance of blessings many enjoy during their special occasions and the need that millions have around the globe.

The ministry has created an opportunity for the poorest of the poor to share in the happiness of others and for those with abundance to be blessed by the joy that comes from communal giving.

The "Celebrations of Hope" program provides an opportunity for you to share your blessed, special days with the poor by having your friends and family make donations to Bright Hope at three different memorable events.

Funds gathered in your honor go to support Bright Hope's programs for orphans and vulnerable children, for church leadership development, agriculture, relief and more.

You can use one of three celebrations for this project: a birthday, an anniversary, or a shower.

For birthdays, encourage friends and family to celebrate your day by giving. Just $30 can give a child food and education for a month.

Anniversaries could provide food, jobs, medicine and more when people give in honor of your years of marriage. Showers are hopeful and exciting times as it is, and they could provide that same hope and excitement for women who can hardly afford to feed their children.

It's easy to get involved. You need to open a fundraising page on — Bright Hope can help you here. As you share your blessings with others, you can rejoice in the excitement of bringing the hope of Christ to many.

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