Your support can reach Cubans for Christ

By December 12, 2011

Cuba (MNN) — Between 1959 and approximately 1990, the Cuban government operated under the assumption that there was no God. In fact, they went out of their way to keep God out of society.

Executive Director of Spanish World Ministries Daniel Sandoval says that couldn't last, especially when Cuba's economy went into a tailspin following the fall of the Soviet Union. That opened incredible opportunities for Spanish World Ministries to impact Cuba for Christ.

Today, Sandoval says Spanish World Ministries is beaming programming into Cuba through radio. "Even though there are no Christian stations in Cuba, we have a powerful and mighty God. For around 33 years, through Trans World Radio, we've been reaching Cuba."

Sandoval says ministry not only happens on the air, but off the air through their national Cuban missionaries. He says, "As our missionary receives those addresses from the radio listeners in the different parts of Cuba, as the Lord supplies the funds, our missionary travels to visit those radio listeners."

Churches are now allowed in Cuba, so the Spanish World Ministries programs are important. "There are no churches in the places where they live. Our programs are their only source to grow in their spiritual lives."

Cubans are also coming to Christ "either because they heard the program, or because of the visit from our missionaries who explained to them in a clear way how to establish this relationship with God through Jesus Christ. So certainly, God is reaching souls in Cuba."

Getting the missionaries on the road is an important part of the ministry. Unfortunately, lack of funding is preventing that. "10 trips a year would be wonderful. But sometimes we have to limit it to three or four trips to various parts of Cuba because of the budget. So, right now, we're praying the Lord will provide $5,000."

That funding will allow Spanish World Ministries missionaries to travel at least five time per year. Currently, it takes up to two years to visit someone.

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