Youth are going deeper into Bible study

By May 18, 2009

Madagascar (MNN) — The leaders at the Teen Missions International base in Madagascar are
seeing the fruits of their labor.

Not only are their Bible study attendance numbers going up, but some of the youth have started another Bible study at a nearby village. The discussions are becoming more in depth
and personal. Many have shown an interest in making sure that the study continues. 

The 42 children who came to the Kid's Ministry last week were encouraged to bring more children from their areas when they come the next Saturday. Older participants have a similar
challenge. As former team members at their annual boot camps, many have grown caloused because they know the program so well. The leaders have challenged them to bring one friend along this year for every year they've been a part of the boot camp.

With Madagascar's religious make-up being 57 percent indigenous beliefs, 41 percent Christian and seven percent Islamic, there is great probability that some of the new
recruits will be hearing about Jesus for the first time.   

Teen Mission boot camps are designed to prepare groups to act together as a team as well as to train individuals. Learning basic construction, evangelism, music, drama, and spiritual and practical survival skills are all required aspects of boot camp.

The northern Madagascar base also has a Bible, Missionary and Work Training Center where students can receive instruction and experience in all of those areas for free. The base has a garden, chickens and construction projects currently going on as well. 

Pray for the staff's continued health and that more and more new Christians would be encouraged through their ministry.  

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