Youth bring hope to a darkened nation

By July 30, 2013

USA (MNN) — There’s a “salvation surge” at one of the United States’ 310 Native American reservations.

(Image courtesy On Eagles' Wings)

(Image courtesy On Eagles’ Wings)

According to Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, the Roaring River Reservation holds the state’s highest poverty and suicide rates. The suicide rate among Native Americans in this region is approximately twice as high as any other racial or ethnic group.

The rez is also home to the state’s highest unemployment and poverty. According to a 2007 report, nearly one in four children live in poverty; again, twice the state average.

Bill, an emergency medical worker at the reservation, sees the carnage of hopelessness night after night. On the night RHM’s “Summer of Hope” ministry arrived at Roaring River, Bill responded to an urgent call.

A pregnant young woman had been severely kicked and beaten by her boyfriend — costing her the baby.

Out of this darkness comes great spiritual hunger.

The sister of an On Eagles’ Wings team member showed up at a Summer of Hope event, and was led to Christ by another team member. Another OEW woman – a victim of rape and abuse – met a girl “who reminded me of how I used to be.”

The local girl revealed she’d been abused by her older brother. The two young women connected quickly, and the girl left with Jesus in her heart.

On Night 2, Jonathan (Ojibwe) ended his Gospel wrap-up with an invitation to pray with him to begin a relationship with Jesus. Usually, people pray quietly what the speaker prays out loud. This night, though, Jonathan said, “I heard the crowd praying out loud. They really want Christ.”

Many confirmed their commitment on comment cards the OEW team handed out that night.

Record crowds heard the Gospel on this reservation. On the team’s last night of outreach, they saw a “salvation surge” of people coming forward to receive Jesus as their Savior.

Praise God for this spiritual harvest. Pray for victory as teams continue in spiritual warfare.

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