Youth center in Sweden re-opens with young ministry team

By October 17, 2007

Sweden (MNN)  — Two girls will re-open a youth center in Sweden, ministering to immigrant youth. 

Operation Mobilization
welcomes the new team to the center that was closed due to personnel shortages. The youth center is located in Raslatt, a suburb outside of Jonkoping. 

The girls will work for a year running the center and building friendships with local teenagers. With 12-21 percent of the Swedish population being immigrants, the girls
can especially minister to youth in immigrant communities who find themselves caught between two cultures.

Swedish society is largely isolated, making it difficult for adults as well as youth who immigrate to become integrated. This creates an atmosphere of hopelessness in many communities, which can be especially difficult for teens already in a difficult stage of life. 

The center re-opened at the end of September. The two girls will support OM's ministry focus on youth in Sweden, since the majority of that age-group speaks English. Pray that the center will be a safe-haven for youth in the area.

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