Youth have open Ddoors and open hearts

By August 17, 2007

Czech Republic (MNN) — A common interest brought two men together. It also brought one of them to Christ. 

Roman Kladivo, an IN Network Czech Republic youth worker, spoke at a cooking school where he met Monica, a 17 year-old girl. She showed more interest than most, asking many questions and sharing about her relationship with her boyfriend. 

Kladivo invited her to a follow-up session. She showed up, but not alone. She brought several school mates and her 19 year-old boyfriend, Jirka. Jirka usually spent his days with older men tuning up cars, so Kladivo was surprised to see him return with Monica to the next follow-up session.

Kladivo and his wife formed a friendship with the young couple. Since tuning up cars is one of Kladivo's favorite hobbies, as well, the couples went to a tuning meeting together. Jirka and Kladivo spent time together often, since Kladivo's car needed work. 

While Monica was recently in the hospital for a routine surgery, Jirka attended a birthday party with Kladivo and his wife. There, Jirka was able to hear about Jesus. He was amazed at the grace that Jesus offered and wanted to become a Christian.

Doors like this can be opened since IN Network is welcomed into schools in the Czech Republic.  Their Youth Outreach program reaches students like Monica, ages 14-18, in their schools.  Because of this opportunity, IN Network is increasing their youth evangelist staff from nine to fifteen in Czech Republic.

The youth there are hungry spiritually, and hundreds show up for the follow-up sessions, called Upgrade. 

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