YouVersion Bible app reaches 100 million downloads

By July 29, 2013

International (MNN) — Have you downloaded the YouVersion Bible app?

If so, you might be one of the 100 million downloads that puts this app among the ranks of brands like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

YouVersion_Bible app icon 07-29-13“What we’re trying to do is create those opportunities for the Holy Spirit to use God’s Word, the inspired Word of God, to change people’s lives,” says Bob Creson of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA.

People that speak lesser-known languages, like Hawaiian Pidgin, can read Scripture on YouVersion’s app thanks to Wycliffe.

“We upload to the digital Bible library, created by Every Tribe, Every Nation, and then YouVersion pulls those texts out using their platform,” Creson explains.

“Most people, when they think of YouVersion, they think of some of the larger languages like English, Portuguese, Mandarin, and even Korean. Wycliffe’s contribution actually is for some of the smaller, minority language communities.”

Hawaiian Pidgin is a form of Creole spoken by 600, 000 people, according to 1986 measurements. Creson says it’s the minority translation used most on YouVersion’s Bible app.

“While you wouldn’t think that people have access, via their smartphones, in some of these smaller language communities,” states Creson, “the truth is that more and more people have that technology.”

Pray lives will change as people read the Gospel in their heart languages.

In addition, a survey found that YouVersion’s Bible app isn’t just changing how people access Scripture. It’s changing the overall Bible experience.

According to the survey, over 77-percent of respondents read the Bible more frequently because they have it on their mobile device. And, over 67-percent switch between Bible versions.

In response to data indicating high social use of the app, YouVersion is adding a new social feature of the Bible app. Last year, there were over 31 million shares of Bible verses via Twitter, Facebook, email and text.

The Bible app’s new social feature will allow readers to form a close group of friends and interact with them about Scripture.

“Statistically we know that when people are engaged with Scripture, it changes their lives,” says Creson.

Pray the Great Commission will be furthered through this technology. Pray that as people gain access to the Gospel, it will transform them into the image of Christ.

Learn more about what God’s doing through Wycliffe here.


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