Zambia tour kicks off in — U.S?

By May 17, 2007

USA (MNN) — HIV/AIDS is running rampant across Africa. And Zambia is one of the many countries feeling the effects. Men and women are losing spouses. Children are losing parents. And the church is being forced to take action.

IN Network works in Zambia in three areas, says Rody Rodeheaver. The first area is what they call "Family Care." "We're really trying to help educate married couples as well as pastors on how to address issues such as abstinence, extra-marital sex, and those types of things because of their impact on the whole AIDS crisis in that country."

In addition, they're planting churches, says Rodeheaver. "We have at least four or five church-planters who are developing churches in areas of the country where there is not a strong network of churches, and they're attempting to strengthen it."

The third part of their work is teaching them how to be self-sustaining missionaries and pastors. "We teach these students not only biblical systematic theology, but we're teaching them a craft — like carpentry, baking, and agriculture so that when they go out, they can support themselves."

IN Network is currently touring the United States to help raise $30,000 for their work in Zambia. "We really need to develop a carpentry shop. We also need to provide a house on campus for the principal of the school, as well as to raise more funds to expand the 'Fam Care' ministry."

Rodeheaver says the climate for outreach in Zambia is good right now. "People are confronted on a daily basis with the reality of life and death. And they're seeing that those who know Christ face death differently than those who don't. They're also seeing the church make a difference in the way people live."

The tour starts tomorrow and continues through June 11. 

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