Zimbabwe still waits for change; Christians respond to the state of flux

By April 9, 2008

Zimbabwe (MNN) — Zimbabwe remains in a state of flux with
no declaration of a president two weeks after the polls closed. With no leadership, inflation continues to
run rampant. For the third time in three months, Zimbabwe's
central bank issued a higher denomination note in response to record inflation.

That means that a loaf of bread costs 16-million Zimbabwe
dollars, so many people are facing starvation. 

Shop shelves are bare, and jobs are nearly non-existent. Survival for some is as far away as the next
meal. Churches are standing in that gap as they
continue to distribute food among the most-desperate in their congregations.

In an effort to reach out with the love and compassion of
Christ, Global Aid Network shipped enough food for 1.2 million meals, plus
hygiene kits and more. They're also
sending a medical team and community outreach team.  

Three of those containers just cleared customs providing
additional food ready for distribution in Zimbabwe.

In addition, four more containers of food, which will
provide an additional one million meals, are being prepared for shipment.   

Funding toward the shipment, distribution and
outreach ministry is currently needed to get these important loads to Zimbabwe
and other countries in Africa. Click here for details.

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