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The new Mission Network News Website

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It has been long in coming. Mission Network News, after more than a year, has a new website. It hasn’t come with out a little pain. We’re still dealing with some of it, but we’re excited about what will be able to do through it. I wanted to take some time to tell you what’s new about this website.

First, the design is totally different. 2005 was the last time we redesigned our website. This website is more appealing to the eye, but it will also allow us to provide you with breaking news easily. Also, each story gives you an opportunity to interact. You can leave comments and share each story on your favorite social media outlet. Also, in each story we can use all kinds of media to tell the story including photos, video and audio.

Another update is the Mission Network News daily and weekly email news and prayer updates. The last time this service was updated was in 2005. The backbone of the service had roots to 1997 technology. It’s amazing that it served us as long as it did without any issues. The new service will allow us to be more effective in the way we not only send our email, but how we recruit new subscribers.

The new website hasn’t come without challenges. We completely renamed everything on our website, so Google is going to take some time catching up to our file system. You can help us. If you have a Google+ account, when you post links to your page, you’ll encourage Google to re-index our website, which will help us in search engine referrals.

No website is perfect. But, we believe with you help we can make it a missions website that will motivate ordinary people like you and me to tell an extraordinary message of Jesus Christ.


Website is close

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It has been nearly a year since you all helped us raise the needed money to recreate the new Mission Network News website. It has been a long time. Our web designers have spent hours converting tens of thousands of data files and creating a site we believe will allow MNN to do even more to encourage people to find God’s call on their lives.

The website will have everything we currently offer, but will be more flexible. It will allow us to post breaking news stories easily, provide better social media interaction, and will allow you to interact with stories on our website — just like you do on Facebook.

While I’d like to tell you there is a date for the launch, I can’t. We still have a lot testing and training to do. Please continue to pray that the testing and training goes smoothly. Also pray that we would be able catch things we missed (if we’ve missed things) before we go live.