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By August 3, 2016

International (MNN) — In an age of ever-changing technology, you can reach someone on the other side of the world with a few button pushes on the device in your pocket. Ralph Stores says it opens up a world of opportunity for Trans World Radio.

“Is TWR going to be in a position to be on the edge of this digital breakthrough, to be able to make sure that the Gospel and biblical programming was front and center?”

That’s why they developed TWR360, a website platform that would extend the reach of Gospel influence around the world, in every language.

Photo Courtesy Trans World Radio

(Photo courtesy of Trans World Radio)

“The idea was that for an end user — whether they be Russian, whether they be Mandarin, whether they be Hindu, Urdul, Tomal, Arabic, or whatever that language is — to be able to come onto the platform fully translated into their heart language and be able to find content.”

The website and app versions of TWR360 provide resources like radio programs and the JESUS Film, not to mention information on Scripture passages, ministries, and specific topics, “whether it’s loneliness, whether it’s the existence of God, whether it’s salvation, whether it’s marriage or family, or parenting.”

And more ways to receive the hope of the Gospel are being added all the time.

Stores shares, “We recently unveiled a church option so that churches around the country who have ministry, who have content, even if it’s the English teaching of that pastor and they want to get that content outside of the four walls of their church, they can put that on TWR360, and a global English audience is able to access those particular sermons,” says Stores.

What started as a website in only five languages has grown quickly, living up to the goal Trans World Radio originally set out to meet.

Photo Courtesy Trans World Radio

(Photo courtesy of Trans World Radio)

“We have people and listeners in 45 different languages who are able to access that content in their heart language; audio, visual, and text content any time, anywhere, on any connected device.”

But Stores says it should be about more than just information. “We’re not just looking for traffic to our site. We’re looking for engagement with the content,” he explains.

So what’s next? Stores says no matter where TWR360 goes, prayer is the best way you can help.

“One of the things we can be praying for is that, first of all, more and more languages will be deployed on the app and on the site itself. And the second thing is for the users, for people to be aware of [the platform], for us to get the word out.”

You can check out TWR360 for yourself here. In the mean time, remember the ministry in prayer as they try to spread the hope of the Gospel even further around the globe.

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