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Published on 23 November, 2005

A church planter sows seeds and sees a harvest.

CIS (MNN)–Although there are reports of challenges against believers in the Commonwealth of Independent States, that’s not the case for everyone.

A Slavic Gospel Association church planter in the CIS reports that business is good. He’s been active in three towns and an orphanage. So active, they are planning to have the third baptism in the history of this ministry.

From it, new growth is possible. The SGA worker also organized Bible classes for those who have been baptized this year.

As a result, they are launching discipleship ministry. In one village, teams continue with their feeding station, where 12 to15 children regularly attend. They are from poor families and families with many problems.

One of the area churches brought clothing for them. Others taught Sunday school classes, which is a good testimony for the villagers. Teams also showed Christian films in the village church to people and talked to visitors.

As a result of their actions, the testimony of their faith walk has been clear. The church planter asks prayer for their continued strength.

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