A Christian group works to re-resource Hurricane churches.

By November 23, 2005

USA (MNN)–U-S President George Bush declared major disasters for areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama.

Since the storms struck, churches that were unharmed opened their doors as temporary shelters. Many of them have since closed as evacuees either found homes or went elsewhere. Some evacuees were relocated by host families and churches.

However, many churches didn’t fare as well. The destruction of many of the houses of worship was equally disheartening.

Money is going to the region for repairs now. But, while aid targets the repair of the buildings, it does not necessarily go to the replacement of lost resources.

Christian Resources International’s Fred Palmerton says they can help. “We have several pallets of hymnals in stock right now. It seems to me that there may be a need right here in the U-S, in the coastal regions, where churches were flooded, and they may have lost all of their resources. If they have needs for used hymnals, we may be able to help them.”

Palmerton says they’d like to help with Bibles, too, but they’re running critically low. “So, if any of our listeners know of churches that may be soon to replace their pew Bibles, please send them to us. We can always use the funds that it takes to ship them out, as well.”

For more information, go their website, listed below.

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