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Published on 04 June, 2004

Bible Pathway supports the future church in Uganda.

Uganda (MNN)–Uganda’s poverty is a big enemy for church planters. The poverty level is being blamed partly on the country’s 18-year-old conflict, which displaced an estimated 1.5 million people.

Recovery from war has been slow, with lack of funds creating a scarcity for both jobs and standard of living.

Compounded with that, the upcoming church leaders face a lack of materials and training. However, Tony Applegate and his wife are trying to change all that.

Their seminary ministry in Uganda is supported by Bible Pathway Ministries. “Bible Pathways is helping is out with Bibles. We have an Easy Read King James version that they’re helping donate to our seminary. We also have an institute that’s been going for about four or five years, and then, also with church planting with these guys that are coming into the seminary. We send them out to help with the church planting, and then we supply them with books and things that will help them in their training.”

Applegate says prayer goes a long way to encouraging the church leaders of Uganda’s future church. “The challenges we face in the field are that… probably one is the rebellions that are going on. I think that Bible Pathways, just with that specifically, helps, with the prayer, with their people. That’s definitely the most important thing that we can get; then also, getting some material.”

The Applegates are currently in the United States on deputation. They plan to return to Uganda in January.

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