New terror warnings spread to Indonesia; mission workers respond.

By June 4, 2004

Indonesia (MNN)–Extremist Muslims from the Middle East are threatening violence toward Western interests, foreign aid workers, and Christians, or ‘Crusaders’.

While the threat originated from the Middle East, it had the effect of unifying the Islamic front toward an all-out ‘holy war’. The threat of terror has spread to Indonesia, the Philippines and parts of Africa.

Because risk now includes mission workers, contingency plans are being made ready, should they be needed. However, AMG International’s Paul Jenks says, “The Christians there live under a constant reality that they are in the minority and that there are those that would like to see them driven out or converted to the majority religion there in Indonesia. These threats are taken very seriously.”

That means very little will stop the teams from sharing the hope of Christ. However, the violence has flared in Ambon, the Maluku provincial capital. This was the worst fighting since an agreement in February 2002 ended three years of sectarian fighting in which some 5,000 persons died.

In light of this, Jenks urges prayer for their team’s safety. He says the changing security situations prompt careful consideration and prayer. “We are very careful that when we go to visit our national workers during a time like this that we don’t put them in extra jeopardy. It’s pretty much business as usual, though. They continue to do the work of the ministry there in Indonesia, even in the face of these ongoing threats.”

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