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Published on 01 June, 2012

Ministry expands under Facebook

USA (RHM/MNN) — Facebook estimates it has around 800
million active users. It's a marketing
dream come true, right? But there's nothing
worse than having a large Facebook fan base made up of everyone but a target

Not everyone has seen success in using Facebook to reach
large audiences with their message. However, Ron Hutchcraft Ministries says they just marked their place
with 100,000 Facebook fans and counting. These fans represent numerous
countries from around the world, including the Philippines, Pakistan, India,
and Egypt.

Facebook fans engage daily with life-changing content from
RHM, including a carefully selected "verse of the day," quotes,
interactive questions, videos, and links to blogs, articles, e-books, and more.

"It is amazing to see the global response to this
Facebook page," says RHM Senior Director of Mobilization. "Around
the world, people are hungry for a more authentic relationship with Jesus.
Through RHM Facebook, a community of people are reading, sharing, and discovering
practical insights that are changing lives."

One reader said, "I have been living a life with so
much pain and sorrow. I've been alone for so long, and this shadow that follows
me around every day won't let me go. As of today, I give my life to God, and I
give Him my heart…God, I am Yours!"

Other exciting Social Media Milestones for RHM: the youth
media outreach, The Doug and Jon Show, has crossed over
135,000 "Likes." This Facebook page is geared toward today's young
people. Teenagers from around the world find humor, video, and stories that
point them toward an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

One person wrote, "I can't say how much this site has
helped me. It has answered so many questions, and I want to say a big' thank

Lives are being touched and changed every day for Christ.

If you're on Facebook, "Like" these pages, and
share resources that are transforming lives with your social network. Check our Featured Links section to see how
you can further help RHM expand their impact.

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