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Published on 11 January, 2008

Ministry shares Jesus while children share dreams

South Africa (MNN) — Book of Hope has partnered with a medical ministry to help residents in Atteridgeville both physically and spiritually. 

The town is also referred to as "Phelindaba" which means "end of story: in Zulu. It has taken this name because it is near the Phelindaba and Valindaba nuclear sites that are no longer in use. The township is still divided by ethnic group in some areas as well.

A Book of Hope team went into the local school where children are bused from all around to do medical check-ups. Many of the children there are smaller than the average South African students their age. 210 children speaking eight different tribal languages attend the

The team gave out the Book of Hope while doing the check-ups. They also shared about Jesus
while the children shared about their dreams for the future, like being an astronaut or a doctor or a teacher. 

One team member who prayed with a young girl after telling her about Jesus said that the girl looked her in the eyes and said, ‘I love you.'

One 12-year-old girl shared with a team member that she had been sexually active for several years. Volunteers told her about HIV/AIDS while she listened intently. After asking the girl if she had any questions, the girl thanked the volunteer and they hugged. 

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