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Published on 04 October, 2013

Missionary recommends church change in UK

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press, ironically, first printed the Bible in 1675

United Kingdom (MNN) — Church may look different in the United Kingdom if evangelicals hope to reach the lost in what’s being called a post-Christian nation.

The Johnny Winkle with the Mission Society spent a year there. He used the Alpha Course to provide opportunities to talk about Christ. “It creates a welcoming space for non-believers to come in and ask questions and get to meet believers, hear testimonies of who Jesus is, hear authenticity of the Bible and just get some of that evidence.”

This type of an approach seems to work. “Their hearts seem really hardened, but over time through the course and through our time together we can really see them become more open, even if they didn’t make a decision for Christ.”

Because many are closed to Christ, some Christians have opened coffee houses that also serve as a church as a way to encourage people to join the spiritual conversation. Winkle says, “We found a couple of British pastors who were really doing dynamic ministry.”

Winkle says many have been hurt by the church there. He says the church may need to be recreated. “In such a way that it meets people where they are, where people can come in and have a conversation around the table, get into a Bible study and through those relationships lead them into the believing and worshiping community.”

He says, “They are really being intentional about really sharing life with others, loving people and caring for them and caring about their lives. That can be transformational. Getting involved in people’s lives — people take notice of that.”

These are cross-cultural principles. If you’d like more information about the Mission Society, click on the link here.


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