FH has a new U.S. president

By October 4, 2013

USA (MNN) — An evangelical humanitarian organizations has news leadership — kind of — and he’s talking about the partial U-S government shut down.


Keith Wright named as the new U.S. President of Food for the Hungry.

Keith Wright named as the new U.S. President of Food for the Hungry.

Food for the Hungry’s U-S President Dave Evans stepped down so he could go back to the field in Africa. That decision forced the F-H board to do something, says the new U-S President, Keith Wright. “The board decided to combine our international and U-S oversight leadership, so I’ve been doing the international side, which is our global strategic direction and all that with our U-S operations.”

The change was announced this week as the U-S government shutdown began. Will that affect FH? Wright says, “We don’t expect any negative impact in the short term. Anything can happen if this drags on for a long, long time and Wall Street would say the same thing. But, as it stands now, our commitments are safe.”

According to Wright, “We don’t rely on the U-S government to accomplish our mission. We found them to be a good partner in some certain circumstances, but we continue to move ahead with confidence that God’s in control and we’re called to do His work and we’re confident we’ll have the opportunity and resources to do so.”

As he takes on additional duties, Wright is asking you to pray wisdom and strength for him. “We do feel responsible for some very important work that touches almost three million people around the world every year.”

He’s also asking people to pray for the F-H staff. “It’s a more dangerous world than we’ve seen in the past. When you labor in God’s name it’s not in vain. He takes care of the results. It’s worth it.”

F-H works with churches, leaders and families in 30 countries to end physical and spiritual hunger. Support them here.

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