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Published on 05 December, 2007

New stats on Bible translation show progress

International (MNN) — Many Christians around the world will read the Christmas story at some point this holiday season. However, there are 193 million people, or 2,251 languages, who don't even have access to the story of Jesus' birth. The work to
begin translation in those languages hasn't even begun. 

This statistic is from new research done by Wycliffe Bible Translators. However, there is good news, too. There are 74 new translation projects begun each year, which means one
new project is started every five days. 

Wycliffe Bible Translators is the world's largest Bible translation organization. The new
statistics are motivation to continue their work as well as encouragement that progress has been made.  Through their translation projects, they hope to make disciples of all nations. 

This vision is becoming reality. In 2007, Wycliffe was involved in the completion of two whole Bible translations and nine New Testament translations. They continue to use cutting-edge technology to accelerate the pace of Bible translation.

For more statistics, click here. 

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