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Published on 09 July, 2002

Story number 2 for 9 Jul 2002

(Uzbekistan)–Elsewhere, it appears Uzbekistan’s tough policy toward religious extremism is curbing extremist activity. Uzbekistan’s secular government has been strongly criticized by human rights groups for widespread violations amid its crackdown. Although Islamic groups were targeted, evangelistic Christians have also felt the heat. Bible Mission International’s Paul Hagelgamns says believers were ready. “Churches, during the last year, really prepared themselves for working under the new laws. But, limitations don’t mean [less] possibility for activities that churches are doing.” Hagelgamns says the church continues to work, in spite of the threat. “We are very active; we really believe that [by] the year 2005, it is our vision, our prayer and our desire [to see] that we will have 300 new churches planted in an area where no one evangelical church exists.”

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  • Primary Language: Uzbek, Northern
  • Primary Religion: Islam
  • Evangelical: 0.3%
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