Story number 1 for 9 Jul 2002

By July 9, 2002

(International)–Headlining today’s news, while the AIDS 2002 Conference in Barcelona continues this week, there’s word that the disease is hitting record highs in Europe, Russia and even China. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s David Seefried heads up their AIDS ministry called, “Bethesda Outreach International”. “The numbers that we’re getting out of China is that by the year 2010 they’re going to have 20 million cases of AIDS. They are in such a problem now that they’re asking for help and they’re asking even for some people to come in and teach them moral values. And, so it’s opening the door to Christian ministry.” Bethesda is designed to place AIDS-orphaned children in communities of refuge to protect them from AIDS, train them Biblically, and send them out into the next generation. Will China be open to a program like that? “We’re right now probing the possibilities of beginning something there. And, I do believe, in the long term, we’re going to have a major place of ministry in China.”

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