Story number 3 for 9 Jul 2002

By July 9, 2002

(Haiti)–While Haiti was admitted as the 15th member of the Caribbean Community, it’s not believed to give any hope to the country’s dismal economic picture. For Haiti with Love’s Eva DeHart. “I think the changes in Haiti are going to have to take place internally. I really don’t see anything externally helping them all that much, except for aid going in through non-governmental organizations.” While Christmas is still six months away, For Haiti with Love is providing hope to the hopeless with their 14th annual “Christmas in August” celebration. The money raised will fund a party on Christmas day party in Haiti. “With everything so bad there, they get really need hope. And, this Christmas party really gives them something to look forward to that’s fun and exciting. They get a full tummy and they get new gifts.”

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